In Limbo

I’m not sure if I’ve been here before,
or if this is my first time.
It seems familiar,
like so many dreams
piled into one moment of blinding light.
In between memories,
in between lives,
waiting for my soul
to be reassigned.




35 thoughts on “In Limbo

  1. We are all there. Some days melt into others and just when you thought you had a handle on it the handle gets to hot or cold and then the pot turns up empty.

  2. The reassignment of one’s soul is a spark that can light your imagination. Or mine. I’m going to be thinking about this all day. Very well written.

  3. Sometimes others can describe better for us, what we feel. And on those moments we say to ourselves, why, they could have been my own words. Claiming your words, for my feelings, today.

  4. Oh, I love this, Silverleaf! The blinding light brings all the memory into one place. And the placement of that sentence is perfect — right in the middle. Just beautiful.

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