Study of an Autumn Day

Copyright Silverleaf 2014

Copyright Silverleaf 2014

The early fall sun warms everything in its golden glow,
the sky – an already impossible blue –
is rendered bluer still,
deeper clearer,
than at any other time of year;
its blueness is pervasive,
a limitless ceiling arcing over the city and the day,
filling my eyes and deepening my breath,
and against it,
the leaves in their firery glory
are vivid,
every tiny detail magnified to perfection
so that veins and vessels are visible from a distance.
The damp leaves already on the ground
release their earthy fragrance
into the warm air,
perfuming the moment.
The last of the flowers – gold and purple and white –
bloom still,
will bloom hardily until the snow falls,
grasping tightly at a season already past.

Those flowers,
they remind me of something;
a memory I can’t quite uncover.
It tastes of other late summers
near fields and lakes and trees,
of home, a home I used to know,
and family together.
I can almost hear my mother’s voice
calling through gardens,
floating down the decades,
till it reaches me here,
on this fall day,
bringing with it those feelings
of long ago,
and gathering up all the other autumns
we have passed along the way.
This day,
this feeling,
becomes part of the legacy
so that I will smell and taste it, too,
for years to come.


2 thoughts on “Study of an Autumn Day

  1. I love the ending to this. “and gathering up all the other/autumns/we have passed along the way.” Dreamy and thoughtful.

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