What Time Takes Away

image courtesy of muchadoabouttaylor.com

The colours have changed,
temperatures have dropped,
the flowers now are faded.
As I walk the paths
we once walked together,
I glimpse the shadows of our past selves
slipping by.
Time is relentless;
it takes everything with it
as it goes.



34 thoughts on “What Time Takes Away

  1. So true Tienne! I try to make myself embrace the changes though. I had cancer 16 years ago and survived so I feel like worrying about what time does to me should be the least of my concerns. I’m lucky to experience more time. Still, I have to push my “look at those wrinkles!” thoughts down.

    • Wrinkles? What wrinkles!? Thanks for sharing your story – what an amazing strength you have and such a positive perspective. I try to be in the moment and not think about time flying but it seems to just keep on doing it anyway.

  2. The picture and the words, side by side, slipping as time goes by. You can tell, I loved the line – “Time is relentless;” – Great response, SL. ( Btw, I love the spelling of colors as colours – reminds me of my good ol’ English days in India :))

  3. Your words beautifully capture the sadness we feel as we contemplate time’s passage. I know I feel this as I clock a new season in my fifth decade on earth. You never know how much time you have left. We better make great use of it! The picture is stunning and a perfect fit to your words.

  4. This was really thought-provoking, especially paired with the photo. I loved this line in particular: “I glimpse the shadows of our past selves slipping by.”

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