Everywhere you go, there are signs of humanity. Roads criss-cross the silence of a deserted landscape, houses dot the horizon and planes pass overhead.

Even in our absence, we are present.

We have been traversing this planet long enough to leave our mark just about everywhere.


2 thoughts on “Humanity

  1. When I first moved to Alaska, decades ago, I was physically able to explore more remote locations than “just off the road”. The thought would often occur to me that there was the possibility that I was the first person to ever set foot on this particular piece of land. It thrilled me to know the possibility even existed, that the planet was still big enough that there was a spot that hadn’t been touched by mankind but it also saddened me because if it were true, the possibility was then gone for everyone else.

    • What a lovely visual image – like untouched, freshly fallen snow. Sounds like a wonderful experience. I’m sure those who came after you had an equally moving experience, connected to the wonder of essentially untouched nature.

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