A Light in the Gloom

When does the grey dawn settle upon us
And when does the cold light
Driving sleet hides the day away,
Splashing upon the window panes.
We bend our heads
Avoiding the shadows of truth
That play across the walls.
The puddles swell
As the day drags on,
Rain soaked and shaded,
One hour blending into the next –
The imperceptible passage of time.
Evening is as morning was,
Nothing changes save the shifting of greys
Until night descends
Briefly cloaking all in black
Before fading again into day.
If tomorrow echoes today,
The light will not penetrate the gloom,
But this will not last forever.
There will come a morning
When the light returns,
Slicing through shadows
And causing drenched leaves
To dance and sparkle.
Blinding at first,
It becomes beautiful,
The light by which we see again
and grow,
find meaning
and face life.


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