The Chateau Wasn’t Haunted

Chateau le Pin, Copyright Silverleaf 2014

Chateau le Pin, Copyright Silverleaf 2014

I breathed in the French countryside and the solitude, leaving the shutters open for the night.

At first, I thought I heard whispering. I felt a ghostly hand caress my head.

But I didn’t panic until the room filled with flapping wings.


46 thoughts on “The Chateau Wasn’t Haunted

  1. Brings back such wonderful memories of that holiday, bats and all the things that went bump in the night. But we calmed the ghostly shivers with the beautiful red wines and handmade cheeses.

  2. Just imagining a night in a castle is so foreign and exotic to me…add bats and it’s downright epic. The whispering, the ghostly hand, and the reality: as Scooby Doo would say, “Yoinks!” Great read, as always, SilverLeaf!

  3. First: I LOVE this picture. Second, terrific slathering on of the creepy factor, beginning with the calm, lovely scene. I can hear the scary music playing… *shivers*

  4. Well that chateau sounds lovely!! Except for bats in the room! lol did they bother you or just fly about on their merry way? I like seeing them here because I know it means one less mosquito. But in the house would be a different story!

  5. I love bats, but a dark room full of bats is a little much, even for me! That said, red wine and artisan cheese would probably help assuage my fears. πŸ˜‰

    • What happened next: I ate lots of cheese and drank lots of wine! And there may or may not have been noises, unrelated to bats, in the hallways. Dragging and thumping and the like. I never heard any of that myself and I choose to believe my friends were either freaking themselves out or were trying to freak me out. We survived two weeks of castle living, though πŸ™‚

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