I Am

I am…

a mother.
a daughter.
a wife.
a cousin.
a friend.
a good friend, I hope.
a good mother, the best one I can be.
bolstered by my family.
a neighbour.
a member of my neighbourhood.
a carer and a nurturer.

I am…

a writer.
a poet
a reader.
a worker, which is not the same thing as an employee.
a thinker, valuing the time I take to sit and contemplate.
liberal and open-minded.
a coffee addict.
a wine drinker.
not a runner, no matter how many times I run a week, or for how often. In the end, I’m just not. And that’s ok.
learning who I am.

I am…

present. Most of the time.
learning to take time for myself.
learning to set boundaries and guard them.
taking longer to think before I react.
learning to be positive.
working to move beyond the guilt – all guilt.
enjoying the connections I make with people.
easily frustrated, but getting better.
a worrier. No matter how much I try not to be, at heart, I will always be a worrier. And that’s ok, too.
anxious, but working on it.
organized, but not too organized.
free-spirited but not flighty.
a layabout dreamer.
a daydreamer.
a sleeper.
transformed by nature.

I am…

restless in the moment but happy in my life.
looking out the same window at the same scene I saw last year and I feel better, happier, more solid and at peace.
at peace.
different some days.
inside looking out.
just one page in the book of time.
matter floating through existence, caught in this moment on the edge of a story.
young and old and both and neither and aware that it’s all irrelevant.
my names, but much more and far less and totally different.
more complex than I ever realized.
daunted, but not by you; by me.
no longer hiding.
strong enough to stand up for myself.
happy to be me, here, now.

I am writing at midnight because the words keep coming.

I am forever adding to this list.




5 thoughts on “I Am

  1. I think your last line says it all, that you are forever adding to the list. The complexities of what makes us who we are, is significant. No wonder when we meet a partner, the task of getting to know them is so enormous. It takes years and then they still have the capacity to surprise us. They too are adding to the list.

    • That is so true! I think it is hard enough to truly know oneself, never mind anyone else. And even when we think we know another, it is only through our own perceptions and perspectives.

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a thoughtful comment. I’m just noticing your blog name; a very dear, lifelong friend of mine who was once a life coach suggested I try this “I am” exercise.

  2. Thanks for that. “I am” a life coach as well as a zillion other things. You friend recommended a great exercise. Placing the focus on what and who you are, instead of what and who you aren’t, is powerful stuff. I look forward to reading more from your blog. 🙂

    • That’s exactly it – focusing on the positives is something most of us don’t do enough. Glad you’ve stopped by and taken a look around. I look forward to hearing more from you, too.

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