Glass Eye

So is that it?
Is that your diatribe?
You base your views
on a world you see
through that one glass eye.
Your telescopic blinders
focus on the narrow target
you’ve selected for this moment –
that is all you ever see –
and it is warped by smears
and a broken lens;
the preconceived notions
of a neurotic mind.

What does the world look like
to you
with your vision all skewed?
Is it upside down
or just twisted and wrong?
Can you see anything at all
past the tip of your nose,
or do your subjects reflect back
upon you and your life
like a horrifying carnival mirror?

For a moment, I wonder
is it just me?
But no,
I know it is you,
you and that glass eye.


4 thoughts on “Glass Eye

  1. See, now if Alfred Hitchcock were a poet, this would be the type of poem I would expect from him. Delicious, disturbing and fun all at the same time, not to mention the profound message behind the curtain.

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