Summer Peaches

I’m not sure if it’s the honey-sweet scent, the sunshiney colour or my memories of my grandfather taking me to the Niagara orchards, but peaches mean summer to me. These days, you might be able to buy them any time of year but there’s nothing quite like a fresh, ripe August peach.

photo 1

Copyright Silverleaf 2014

If you could bottle all that sunshine…

photo 2

Copyright Silverleaf 2014

In December, when we take out one of these jars of jewel-coloured jam, we will be transported back to the warm, lazy days of summer.



7 thoughts on “Summer Peaches

    • I was thinking I’d make peach crisp next, though I take no credit for the jam – that was my husband. Glad you enjoyed – go make that pie, the house will smell wonderful afterward 🙂

  1. Oh my yes, one of my favorite fruits! My mother, the most amazing cook, would make peach pies or cobbler that were out of this world delicious!

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