Love Sums

One scene
(is set,
Two lovers
(joined, inopportunely,
by a)
Third wheel
Four careless whispers
(below a myriad
Five pointed stars.
(Will someone’s)
Sixth sense
(bring them closer
to their)
Seventh heaven
(and when?)
(Perhaps not ’till)
After Eight.


39 thoughts on “Love Sums

  1. I really like the parenthetical structure, too…feels like two distinct voices telling the story.

    • Thank you for your comment. I was aiming for that kind of effect, two voices or the option to opt out of reading the parenthetical parts. Glad to hear it worked!

  2. “Four careless whispers” ha ha when I read that all I could think of was that George Michael song. This was a really nice piece. The structure is super cool, too.

  3. C’mon Third Wheel! Use your Sixth Sense and let them have some time! So well done, Silver. A fresh approach to a love poem both with using the brackets and jamming a third person into their romance.

  4. Geeezzz…I love your poetry. This all adds up magically. It’s gonna be a tough night to vote for a Gargleblaster.

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