Writers’ Block


Bright and blood-red
Splash angrily across the page
With Murderous intent
But nothing more
No beauty
No poetry
No meaningful order
They do not arrange themselves
Into coherence
They trip the writer
Throw up walls
Impossible for him to cross
Tortured by the frustration
He stares blankly
Like the page he never filled
His typewriter is silent on the desk
The bottle is mostly empty
The glass sticky with remnants of the night’s sorrows
A storm of balled up paper is scattered across the cottage floor
He lives and breathes the stereotype in all its gritty glory.

The writers’ block may have eventually passed
But Sam was never the same again.


I used this week’s Speakeasy prompt as the needed impetus to continue a story I began last week.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m thrilled it got me to sit down and organize my thoughts for a sequel. I don’t usually return to continue my stories. But I didn’t really allow the prompt full reign in my imagination. And it was a great prompt for a writer, all about writing, punctuation and writer’s block.

Last night, as I climbed into bed and let my mind drift, the above poem came to me, inspired by the video portion of the prompt. It’s worth watching:

Writers’ Block is a short film written and directed by Tom Gran and Martin Woolley and produced by WONKY Films with the support of IdeasTap. 



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