Evenings just slip away

It is 8:05 pm.

I’m tired.

My son is in bed though maybe not asleep.

I stand, hands in dishwater, thinking about the book we were just reading, reviewing my to-do list.

I have to clean the table. Pull down the blinds. Close the windows.

I remind myself to prepare the oatmeal for the morning.

What will I give my son for lunch? Maybe a turkey sandwich. And there’s that bread he never ate from today.

What do I have to do tomorrow?

Write. And England plays at noon.

Oh, and I need gifts for the teachers.

Right now, though, I have to put the clean dishes away.

Before I can get to that, a line pops into my head. It’s good. Then there’s another.

I can’t lose them.

Wiping my dripping hands on my pants, droplets trailing along the floor after me, I move to the little table in the kitchen, sit down and start writing.

It is 8:29.

I write. And write. It flows easily at night, and first thing in the morning, too.

The next time I look up, the clock reads 9:52.

It can’t be. The night is almost done but I am not. I should be almost in bed. But I still have that lunch to make and the oatmeal. And the dishes are only half washed.

The thing is, this writing is fun. I’m enjoying myself. I like what I’ve written. It may even be good. So I write some more. I can’t help smiling a big, happy smile, even though I know I’ll be tired again tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “Evenings just slip away

  1. I can’t ever seem to write at night even when the idea comes to me. I hope I will remember it in the morning. Usually I don’t– like this morning. I had a good idea for the next chapter of my current project … gone. But I don’t fret it like I used to. Lately I have been experiencing something very magical, very subconscious in my writing process and i have given myself over to it. (Not like Stephen King’s the Dark Half … in a good way.)

    I like that you registered the clock at random times. 🙂

    • Haha – I really was looking at the clock at random times. All true!
      I only seem able to write freely right after breakfast or at bedtime. Not very convenient, especially when I go back to work. I’ll have to work on that. What’s this magic of which you speak? 🙂

      • I am experiencing the most incredible synchronicity in my life that’s leading to awesome stream of consciousness writing. It’s as everything I need to inspire me keeps popping up, from music to articles to blogs to film.

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