Is courage
or is it accepting
your weaknesses,
accepting the things
that are done
to you,
that you cannot change?

You – today –
today you were courageous.
With grace you accepted pain,
with grace you accepted defeat,
and disappointment
and all those things
you cannot change;
things done to you
that you cannot undo.
You accepted them
and, yes, you railed at the burn
at the unfairness
at the poor decisions,
the incomprehensibility of it all.
But you saw through
saw their flaws,
saw their fears,
saw their utter loss.
You set yourself apart
and came up smiling.

Though you are but a child,
you are ancient and wise
and better prepared for life
than I.


4 thoughts on “Courage

  1. I wish I had the courage of the ages. But alas, I am just a mortal struggling to survive in a world of interest, delight and yet full of pain and torment. Life is yin and yang and those forces are within us all. We need to balance them and that is the rub.

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