What if?

A List of Crazy Thoughts

What if I tripped and fell

Or stood up and yelled

Out something obscene,

Climbed a tree right to the top,

Or stood naked

On a field in the starlight?

What if I told you what I think

When I disagree

Or screwed up my courage

To tell that stranger

“I like your dress”

Or to ask

“Where did you get that scarf?”


I saw a woman wearing just such a scarf –

Bright reds, oranges, greens and blues –

I knew where it was from;

I’ve been to the store.

I liked it and wanted to tell her so,

It was on the tip of my tongue

But then I just watched her walk away

And I looked out to sea instead.

A few weeks later, I saw it,

the scarf the lady had worn,

But I bought a different one.


What if I got up in the middle of a meeting

And walked out,

Or fell asleep right there in my chair,

Or shared that awfully important thought I had

That may

In the end

Have been silly?

What if I said “this is all a ridiculous waste of time?”

When, really, it was?


What if I looked up that friend I had once,


And found her and told her that she touched me

In some indefinable, friend-type way,

And who cares if she doesn’t really remember me?

Or maybe she does and it would be good to hear.


What if I did all those crazy things

That come to me on a whim

When I think “I couldn’t!”

But what if I did?

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