Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

Two days before we left South Africa, my husband and I popped over to Stellenbosch for a quick look around. It was a Saturday, and it was after 2pm. Apparently things close early on a Saturday in Stellenbosch, because everywhere we wanted to go was closed.

That didn’t stop us enjoying a lovely walk up and down Dorp Street, though.

The buildings in the town are beautiful. They are mostly white and stand out against the green foliage and bright bougainvillea blossoms that grow everywhere.


Interestingly, none of the houses we saw had any apparent security features; no tall walls, no razor wire, no electric gates. Just white-washed walls and pretty gardens.

And every now and then, we came upon an unexpected work of art just sitting there in the street. The experience reminded me of the brightly coloured stairs in Cape Town that I photographed for this post a while ago. There’s something thrilling and uplifting about happening upon street art you didn’t know was there.


Marieke Prinsloo’s bench titled “You can sit under my umbrella,” Kom Sit Stellenbosch

Mak1One's graffiti bench, Kom Sit Stellenbosch

Mak1One’s graffiti bench, Kom Sit Stellenbosch

I have since done some Googling and have realized just how much art we missed.

Kom Sit Stellenbosch is an exhibition of 24 concrete benches, two of which I photographed above.

I also learned about the street art initiative, 20Stellenbosch, through this post, on a blog I only just found today. Unfortunately, we didn’t happen across any of these pieces. If I had only known!


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

  1. The houses sound wonderfully romantical, and look it, too. And I’m absolutely in love with the umbrella statue! It sounds like a wonderful trip!

    • Because I didn’t want to go on and on when it was supposed to be a photo thing – and about art – I left out the part about the huge, ancient mountains towering above the town. With clear blue sky. And the other houses that had beautiful, complex wrought iron trim… I could go on!! My favourite place ever 🙂

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