Blogging 201: Stats Day Saturday

I really liked the idea for Blogging 201’s day 5. It was logical, based on cold hard data, and involved making a plan to coincide with measures of traffic and reader interest.

Despite what I said initially about not being interested in stats, I did think this would be an exercise I could get into, one I could even manage working remotely from mobile devices.

So, off I set to look at my stats. The idea was that you determine your best traffic days and the types of posts that get the most interest and you match them up; schedule your most popular types of posts for your highest traffic days.

Logical, yes?

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that my stats are all over the place.

Other than having a slight peak on the reading and voting days for the Speakeasy (which occurs because the that challenge drives readers to participants’ sites), there was no discernible pattern.

Likewise, my most popular posts are, for the most part, my short fiction pieces that I write for the Speakeasy. Again, that’s because the challenge encourages all entrants to read each other’s entries and then vote on them.

So where does that leave me in the stats-based exercise?

A bit lost I think.

But it does give me a better understanding of all those numbers I usually ignore. And that is something.


4 thoughts on “Blogging 201: Stats Day Saturday

  1. I felt the same way. I love the guidance provided, and I plan to keep an eye on those stats after I get a few more months under my belt, but I think my peaks and valleys are more driven by participation in writing challenges. Hopefully, that will level out over time.

  2. So interesting! I’m a numbers person and just love stats, but feel the same. Mine just basically peak when I post and that’s about it. I guess it’s a pattern but not very exciting. I have found certain days are better than others, like Fridays are terrible, but as for type of post? All over the place! Really hard to read. My husband tells me at his company they have some magic formula that tries to calculate views and discussion and likes and such and roll it all up into a neat measurable formula that puts everything on the same playing field…but I’m not sure I believe it’s truly all that measurable…one day if I get a hold of it, I’ll let you know! And maybe if i could actually write something in the next few days I’d have more stats to share myself….we shall see! hope you are having a super-amazing time!

    • Super amazing and then some! Don’t want to come home, but would like to have time to write again. As for the stats, I think I was right (for me, anyway) to keep the numbers out of my writing.

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