Blogging 201: I’m pretty happy with the way my blog looks

So. I’ve got to admit. I’m not really moved by Blogging 201’s tasks for days 2 and 3.

I’m sorry to say it because, well, I’m just the kind of person who is sorry to say that kind of thing.


Fiddling with the look? I’ve done it.

Looking at widgets and their titles? Agonized over that months ago.

Adjusted background and header, title and tag line? Check.

And as for fonts and colours, although I read somewhere that they can be free, whenever I’ve tried to experiment, I have been prompted to pay the $30 upgrade costs before I could do anything. The price is minimal but I don’t think I really need to make those changes that badly.

And really, I’ve already fixed up my blog’s looks pretty obsessively so I can’t think of anything major that I want to change.

Am I ahead in terms of thinking about these things proactively? Or am I just OCD about my blog?

Maybe both.

Or maybe there are glaring gaps in my design-goal continuum which I just can’t see because I’m too close to the whole thing. If so, please feel free to let me know – I’m very open to suggestions and criticism!

For now, though, I’m not sure I have much to do for days 2 and 3. But I didn’t want to be completely silent in case you thought I’d already failed to remain committed to participating. Because that would be a pretty bad track record.


8 thoughts on “Blogging 201: I’m pretty happy with the way my blog looks

  1. depends on what the purpose of your blog is and if you have identified a target market. if no purpose or no defined market, i would n’t worry. your blog is clean and readable. that’s most important

    • Thanks for your thoughts, Jen. That makes a lot of sense AND makes me feel better. I don’t have a target anything. I started my blog for me, as a place to write and share my thoughts. Having readers is the icing on the cake, being part of a wonderful community – and finding people like you! Since that’s all just working fine, I don’t need anything more. Maybe I don’t need to do the whole Blogging 201 thing…

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