I Believe

I believe
That tomorrow will be better
And if not tomorrow,
Then the day after.
But I believe that today
Is already pretty good.

I believe in the kindness of strangers
That a helping hand is offered
More often than we would expect,
I believe in the innate openness of a young mind
And the vulnerability of a young heart
But I also believe in the selfishness of humans,
In their blinkered, self-serving approach to life.

I believe that true warmth and strength
Come from a smile, a laugh, a hug,
A breath,
A moment of calm,
And, sometimes, from a good cup of coffee.

I believe that anything is possible,
Including unhappy endings
But that happy endings
Are possible too.

I believe that wishes come true
But not always the way we expect they will
And that if life is serving everyone,
Sometimes  our wishes collide;
Sometimes it is not my turn.

I believe that the eternal truths of the universe
Can be explained by science
But I also believe that magic and wonder
Fit somewhere in between
The scientific explanations.

And I would like to believe
In the vast pantheon
Of ancient gods and goddesses,
Those whose wisdom and force stretch
Around the globe,
From Ancient Times to the present,
But I just can’t quite.

I do not believe in the zombie apocalypse
Or in an otherworldly disaster
But I do believe we will self-destruct
And I do believe we may be too late
To heal our Earth;
But I do not believe that we are finished just yet.

I believe in hope
And in positive thinking,
I believe that hard work will achieve results
And in the value of play.

I believe that the sun will rise tomorrow
And we shall see another day.

17 thoughts on “I Believe

  1. we believe a lot of the same stuff — must be why we’re friends. Except for zombie apocalypse. But maybe you’ll come around on that one. 😉

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