Staying Alive

Staying alive;
It’s life’s greatest game
Every one of us
Grasping at chances
To outwit the gods,
To slip by
To have just one more day,
As though they cannot see.

Staying alive;
It’s what we’re all playing at.
It would be so easy,
We think
In our arrogance,
So easy
To cheat Nature’s cycle.

Staying alive,
A step ahead,
As easy as
Recalling the fondness
         of warm memories
         of a sunset glimpsed
         through bamboo blinds,
         its pink bronze
         flashing on placid ripples.

Hope leads us forward
Day by day,
Breathes breath into life
While Hades bides his time,
His breath skimming across Elysian fields,
And rippling the Styx.
He watches,
As we do our best
To trick the Fates.

Written for the Speakeasy at Yeah Write. This week’s prompts were the song Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees and the line “It would be so easy.” For details, please click on the Speakeasy badge above.


32 thoughts on “Staying Alive

  1. Beautifully written! I love the pacing in this, as well as the imagery. And the thought of Hades’ breath rippling the river Styx gives me goosebumps. Fabulous take on the prompts! 🙂

  2. I loved the pace and cadence of this poem. The imagery in your final stanza was especially powerful.

    Oh, and outwitting the Gods. . .if only ; )

  3. This is lovely, and yes, so true. This poem has more than its fair share of perfect little moments, but this might be my favourite:
    “Hope leads us forward
    Day by day,
    Breathes breath into life”

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