Hello, and a Heartfelt Thank You

Thank you, all you lovely, lovely people!

I woke up this morning to see I had 1002 followers. It completely blows my mind when I think that 1000 people are in some way notified when I post something. That that many people are interested in my thoughts and my creations.

I’m really a word person, and not at all a numbers person. I see numbers and my brain sort of shuts down. So I don’t really pour over my stats in any way, and I don’t fully understand them. I don’t know how many of you follow me for my fiction, for my poetry or for my more traditional, journal-style posts.

What I do understand and deeply appreciate are the important basics: the number of you who follow my blog, the number of you who “like” my various posts, and the interesting and interestedΒ comments you leave for me.

When I began this blog, I couldn’t quite imagine who would follow me. I was surprised when I received the first few follows, and was delighted to connect with more and more of you as the months passed. I have enjoyed getting to know many of you through your comments and through your own writing. As many have said before, it really is the community and the supportive networks that make blogging such a pleasure.

I think I gain far more satisfaction from the immediacy of our interactions, from your likes and comments, than I would from pulling together a traditional book, going through the rigamarole of finding agents and editors and publishers, and publishing it. Sure, it would be nice to see my name on a volume sitting on a shelf in a bookstore, but this blogging experience is so supportive and so responsive that I get more out of it, honestly, than I would out of going the traditional route.

Some of you have become friends, too, which underlines this point even further. I put a lot of my inner thoughts, the real me, out there day after day, and those of you who read my words know me in a way that others, those with whom I interact on a surface-level in my daily life, cannot.

Whether we interact off-line or not, I am delighted to hear from you, to read your own work, to let you into my little world and to be admitted into yours.

Speaking of which, I think I will now make myself a coffee and sit down to read everything you’ve written over the past day or so. I’m really looking forward to it!

Thank you all for dropping by.

~ Silverleaf xo


19 thoughts on “Hello, and a Heartfelt Thank You

  1. Wow and I thought hitting the 300 follower mark was big. Congrats, write good posts and they will come.

  2. I’m new to the blogging scene but it’s so nice to meet writers such as yourself and read new work everyday. I can’t wait to get more involved and meet more writers. You’re amazing! Keep inspiring πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much. That is really a lovely thing to hear. I never think of myself as inspiring, or amazing for that matter. I only started blogging in late July and I remember how big and unfathomable the whole thing seemed at the beginning. What I have found over this short time is that, like anywhere else, it is a small world and people truly are kind and supportive, and generous with their comments. Keep writing πŸ™‚

  3. Congratulations!!! And what did I miss–were freshly pressed again??! Please tell me which post! I’m sad w/new work this week I haven’t been able to check as much but hope to catch up more next week. I love that you wrote you couldn’t imagine “who” would follow you πŸ™‚ as you can see there are so many of us who love your thoughts and ideas and beautiful words.You are very inspiring!

    • I’ve been wondering how you were doing with work. I’m dying to hear πŸ™‚
      Yes, the Three Red Chairs post was freshly pressed last Friday and I also got the Editor’s Pick for my Speakeasy story, The Office, that day (it was a really nice day!). I’m not sure I feel like I’m inspiring but I’m touched to hear you think so – thank you!!

      • How awesome! Well I’d say 3 Red Chairs was so deserving!! That was a favorite of mine too! WIll have to read the Office—I’m so proud of you and thrilled you are starting to see some rewards for all the great work you do πŸ™‚ Will give you an update soon on the work thing…feeling a bit torn on what I signed myself up for!

        • That’s so kind of you to say, Robin. Thank you, really πŸ™‚
          I do hope you settle into the new routine. I can imagine it’s difficult, though, and I’m eager for pointers for when I have to face the same. Take some time for you this weekend.

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