Another Ode to this Neverending Winter

I know everyone’s fed up with winter but I’m still enchanted by it…

The soft haze
around winter’s midday sun,
snowflakes are softly falling,
I step onto the ice
and the world falls away;
the first few glides
are uneven and rough
until I hit my stride,
find the smooth, new ice
and start to fly.
Gathering speed,
the tracks left by others
begin to flash by
as I pick up more speed,
move in a rhythm,
my rhythm,
too fast even for poetry.
Passing people,
I hear snatches of their conversations
but cannot focus on them,
I do not sacrifice my speed.
In and out of the snowflakes
I weave,
passing under a heavy cloud,
relishing the ongoing
presence of the ice,
wide and expansive;
I imagine I am as free as a bird
skimming through a vast, forever sky.


2 thoughts on “Another Ode to this Neverending Winter

  1. This is absolutely gorgeous and no wonder. I have never experienced skating on the ice, but you have made me feel it for the first time. You can write winter poetry for me at any time of the year.

    • Thank you for such a kind and complimentary comment. I’m really thrilled to have been able to adequately describe the sensation. It’s something I feel like writing about every time I go out and, like a kid, I never want to come back in!

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