Listen to the Sea

The mists shroud the land
In silhouetted shadows
They hide the sea in a cloak of white
But the waves rage on
Roaring out there
Out in the nothingness
Of space you cannot see
And the gulls cry on
Soaring and diving
Just beyond, just out of reach.

The flat, hard beach stretches out
          Out further
                    And out some more still.
Keep walking
Until you, too, are surrounded
Swept up in the mist
Lost in its white noise.
Without warning,
The icy waters strike at your bare toes
Causing you to recoil
And then pulling you back in for more.
The clear water refreshes,
It is like touching another world.
You walk on,
Along the edge
Of here
And there
Of not quite anywhere
And you enjoy the freedom
Of oblivion.

You stop every now and then
For shells and sand dollars
And other fantasies the sea throws out,
Searching for treasures,
Dreaming of the emptiness.
When there, just ahead,
Something glitters
Like a jewel in the sand;
A bottle, crystalline and real,
The message within still tightly coiled –
          A paper snail’s shell
          A fiddlehead
          A mystic spiral –
It says, simply,
“Listen to the sea”
And so you do.

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