Remember Those Goals From a Week Ago?

It’s just past the first week of the New Year and, though I do feel the whole celebration’s timing is rather random, I also feel somewhat compelled to check in with the goals I set myself.

This whole going public thing can really make a person feel accountable.

My interest in sharing how I’m doing may also have something to do with some exciting news I have in relation to one of my goals. If I had done nothing, I’d probably be sitting here quietly writing about something else, relieved that everyone out there had other things on their minds.

But I’m proud of myself, and excited, so I’m willing to share.

First, a recap of my goals.

1. Sit quietly doing nothing for 5 minutes each day.
I’m sure I must do this at some point. By accident. I mean, I’m not that busy. Surely 5 minutes must pass without me talking, writing, reading, looking at my phone…hm. Maybe not. Let’s move on.

2. Publish something in 2014.
Obviously, it’s a bit too early to have done this. So I haven’t. I’ve actually done some thinking on this goal in general, though. Or some re-thinking. But more on that in a future post. Suffice it to say, I have not published anything in the past 10 days. And I’m ok with that.

3. Set aside time to write something once a day.
Check. All I’ve got is time. And I’ve written at least once a day, each day.

4. Give myself permission to not write each day…etc.
I have written each day, so this doesn’t really apply yet. And I’m bursting with topics and ideas, so all good for now. But it’s always helpful to remind myself that I have this get-out-of-jail-free card.

5. Return to work slowly, ensuring I maintain a balance between work, family and my writing.
While I’m not near ready to return to work yet, I have been giving this some thought and I’m all set to meet with my boss next week. I even have two key questions to ask her. So, check.

6. Before I return to work, do something fun.
Aha! Here we are. This is what I really wanted to talk about. I had mentioned several ideas a few days ago in this post, but I sort of shelved the whole thing after I published the post. I only vaguely looked for something interesting to do, but I’ll admit, I didn’t really look with much conviction.

Until two friends of mine inadvertently gave me the obviously needed nudge.

First, Robin from A Fit and Focused Future mentioned she was going to her first painting class – a class I had, at one point, casually, said I would do virtually “with” her from Canada. But I never actually found a painting class to sign up for.

Realizing I had missed the boat a bit on that one, I started Googling art classes in Ottawa. In my searches, I came across the Ottawa School of Art. There seemed to be a lot of different courses to choose from and, well, my mind wandered. I left the website open and went off to do other things.

Yesterday, another friend of mine, one here in Ottawa, referenced my interest in taking an art class and said she highly recommended the Ottawa School of Art.

I went back to the still-open website and looked through it for the course she had taken. And along the way, the lightening bolt of inspiration struck. I found the perfect course for me.

Wait for it.


I have long been interested in learning how to do this ancient and fascinating art. What could be more perfect than an art form that involves books?

Twenty-four hours ago, I wasn’t even thinking about this goal. Now I am registered in the course. That’s taking action!

It is pretty intensive; three hours a week on Tuesday evenings, from next week until April 1. But just listen to what we will be doing:

Using centuries old techniques you will create three traditional books. You will learn about papers, their appropriate use, and how to decorate them. A tour of a rare book library or contemporary artists’ book library will show how books have been made for centuries or how artists’ books are made today.

I am so excited! I will be fulfilling one of my goals and learning how to do something I have always been curious about.

This is good, because I have done nothing to achieve goal #7 (start running again).

As for goal #8, to be patient in the face of my son’s non-stop talking, I think I’m doing ok. I continue to try to explain to him why he can’t take up all the airwaves in the house, but I think I’m managing to do so patiently. Of course, it’s a lot easier now that he’s back at school. That goal was definitely a product of too much time spent together, cooped up indoors during the cold snap.

I had one more thing I was going to try to do. Not a goal, necessarily. More a project. I was going to write a good thing that happened each day on a slip of paper and save it in a box so that, at the end of the year, I would be able to look back at all the good things that had happened.

I’m not doing so well with this one. It worked well for January 1 and 2. On January 3, I washed my jeans with the slip of paper in the pocket. And that was it. I haven’t gone back to this once since then.

Maybe it doesn’t count, though. After all, it wasn’t in the numbered list.

Or maybe I should just put bookbinding on today’s slip before I forget about it again.

How are you doing with your goals? Have you forgotten about them yet, or are you committed to them? Have you noticed that some of them change as you start working at them?

4 thoughts on “Remember Those Goals From a Week Ago?

  1. I’m so so happy for you! I can’t believe your luck in finding such a cool class, like Bookbinding. I so wish I could go with you! Reminds me of that book, I think you said you read this too–Shadow of the Wind? Remember the huge library described there? I can’t wait to hear how it goes. Anyway, so proud of you for taking action! Now me? Well, Watercolor class–1st class yesterday! Skiing with Child–we just came home from 1st lesson on the mountain, he can start going on Sun. afternoons for free, so we’ll do this soon. Learning Spanish? Looked into it briefly but need to find the best approach…one that doesn’t keep me on my rear any more than I am (possibly my next post!). Oh, and I love my new exercise program–feel very energized. I had a few more but baby steps…right? And I’m honored to have been able to get your going on your creative quest :)…

  2. I can fairly say I am doing reasonably well with my goal of detachment and to be less reactive in my actions when faced with challenged to my ego. I am still getting angry and upset, mind you, but my responses are coming from a cooled down place rather than the anger.

    Now back you! Good job ! (Don’t we all need someone to say good job?) I am happy to hear the updates on your goals and to read that you are succeeding in most of them and acknowledging the ones you are not. Accountability is, perhaps, an unspoken goal for many of us who make goals…. Blogs help us with that one.

    • Ooh, I like your anger-related goal. That would have been a good one for me. It’s as you say, there are two parts, feeling the anger and how you then react outwardly. Good job to you too! It IS good to hear that 🙂 Those are both really difficult goals requiring vigilance and being present. I’d be interested to know how you do with them and what you find hard and easy about them.

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