Two seconds to share some thoughts on priorities

I know my posts have been sporadic, at best, for the past month or so.

I’ve written about the reasons previously and have received some great responses back, so I’m not going to repeat myself.

What I would like to talk about today, though, is priorities. In response to my previous post on the subject, a friend got in touch and told me about how she would like to be writing a bit more but that she had girlfriends to see and family things to do. She was weighing up her priorities and the friends and family won out.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what she said over Christmas.

This is, after all, the season for spending time with family and with friends who have returned home to visit. Or, if you are the returning visitor, then visiting with your friends from home.

My Christmas season has been quite busy. I don’t live in my hometown and so I don’t have a lot of friends from years past returning for the annual reunion. But over the past ten years, I have built up a good network of friends I’d like to see more often than I get to. Christmas is the perfect opportunity to do so, and to spend more time with my husband’s family.

Reflecting on my friend and her priority-setting, I have elected throughout the holidays to see friends and family when presented the opportunity, rather than to write.

You will have seen that I have made some time to write of course. But for the most part, I haven’t quite managed to sit still long enough to even formulate an idea, never mind develop it and see it through.

This morning is the perfect example. My brother-in-law is on his way into town. I have never met him before (unless you count two instances of saying “hello!” while other family members were Skyping, which I don’t, really) and am quite looking forward to it. My husband and son have gone to meet him at the airport and should be here any minute to pick me up before we all troupe over to my in-laws’ home.

I’ve managed by some miracle to whip together a quick breakfast, make a cup of coffee and  draft what may be a short post, but is something I’d like to share with you.

Lately, I don haven’t even managed to get this far.

I start to write something and then for whatever reason, I have other things to do and am called away. If I manage to return to any of the posts I have started to draft, I generally forget where I was going with them, or am thinking about other things and can’t focus, or I get called away again.

I’m certainly not focused enough to write a decent piece of fiction, or even a poem.

And this is what my holidays have been like. But I love it. I love visiting with people, because again, as my friend said, that’s really what life is all about.

When I’m done visiting, when my days quieten down and I can stop and think and let an idea germinate, I will. And then I will be back, hopefully posting daily as I did once upon a time.

But for now, I’m off and running again!


4 thoughts on “Two seconds to share some thoughts on priorities

  1. I’m so glad you had a great Xmas and are enjoying all your peeps! And don’t worry, we all know you will be back in full force when the schedule gets back to normal. As great as it sounds: prioritizing, I’m still looking at a blog without a post for over 3 weeks! Ack! I’m finding I need to “officially” let myself be ok w/this..and I haven’t quite given myself a pass…hoping at least to come up with something while it’s still December and make new, more defined writing goals for 2014?? Look forward to catching up w/you soon!

    • Thanks Robin! Always so nice to hear from you. As for self forgiveness, I’ve found that writing a post about how I’m struggling with not writing is a very effective way to, 1) just get a post out there, and 2) apologize for not writing, thereby officially allowing myself to be a bit remiss. I highly recommend it!! Also, goals for 2014 is a good way to go out, too.
      Luckily (miraculously) today I have an hour or two so I’m going to try to write something.
      Hope you’re out enjoying the milder weather – or inside with a good book!

  2. That’s great–happy writing!! Funny you should say, I just started writing a post on goals this morning….and hopefully can finish it! Family as of about 30 minutes ago is now gone…sigh of relief!

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