Thoughts on poetry… and a poem

Cliareach’s post on A Vital Recognition is informative and a lovely, enjoyable read. He provides a solid background on the history of poets/fili and bards, reminding me of my long-ago Celtic Studies degree. I love that he has also written his own poem and it complements the piece perfectly – it is creative, lyrical, inspiring and a wonderful example of the sense of mysticism and honour poetry can bestow on the reader.

A Vital Recognition

“He is no poet who does not preserve the traditional tales and synchronize the common knowledge”.

-Irish wisdom

thoughtsPoetryPoetry is discourse with the Sacred. It was the primary art of that class of druids known as bards (in Ireland as Filidh). Considering the central role that the druids played in their societies, it is reasonable to assume that poetry also played a central role. It was a means of storytelling, preservation of wisdom, political control, but Bards were doorways for the people – doorways to cultural and spiritual belonging, and this included being at one with the land.  Druids were submitted to long years of training, required to memorize the wealth of poetry that allowed them to perform these roles in their culture.

With all these wonderful haikus floating about lately, poetry has been on my mind the past few days….  So I thought I would share some of…

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