NaNoWriMo Day 13: Inspiring Ideas

My goodness, two posts in one day!

I couldn’t help but post this very quickly. It’s a link to a wonderful radio show, Ideas, and a particular episode which was what really launched me into writing my memoires about my time in Ireland. I had, of course, thought and written about starting my memories previously, but this radio show aired October 28 as I was gearing up to sit down and begin writing for NaNoWriMo. It gave me the added push I needed.

I never actually listened to the full episode that day, though. I heard two minutes somewhere toward the beginning of it and I was off and writing immediately. It was that inspiring. It spoke to something deep and fundamental at my core.

So today, for a little needed inspiration, I thought I would sit down and listen to it properly, right the way through. I made myself a coffee and warmed up a cinnamon bun, then sat down to listen.

Within the first seven minutes I discovered why I was inspired the first time around. I can’t make it through more than two minutes without pausing the show and writing several paragraphs. At this rate, my novel will be finished and I still won’t have listened to the whole thing!

It really is a treat. I will have to listen to it several times, I think, to absorb the full force of its message.

At one point, W.B. Yeats’ writing is described as being simultaneously spiritual, artistic and nation-building.  So far, that’s is my favourite part. It is the essence of Yeats, and in fact, the essence of Ireland’s prolific body of art and literature. Do other countries live and breathe through their art in this way? I’m not sure.

It is also a good description of what I went to Ireland in search of. Listening to this show, I feel that I have missed some of this original intention in the 27,000 ish words I’ve managed so far. Maybe it’s there though, maybe it made it’s way in subliminally.

Either way, I now have several paragraphs along these lines that I can work in somewhere. In fact, I may have just been inspired enough to write what will become the first sentence and the last few paragraphs of my novel.

I can only imagine what I will achieve if I manage to listen to the full show.


4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Day 13: Inspiring Ideas

  1. Can’t wait to listen when I have time! Maybe I’ll use it to start and end my memoir, too, since those are the hardest parts to write. Ha ha, just kidding.

  2. I’ll see if I can connect to it while driving to work this week. Though I’m afraid I will be compelled to stop the car and write, based on your reaction.

    • Well it is the topic, sort of, of the book I may or may not ditch 🙂 so it is bound to prompt ideas for my writing. I can see how it could equally just be a really nice episode to listen to as you drive along that beautiful drive you have described.

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