I am outside,

up high,

staring at the blazing moon,

full and yet slightly eclipsed,

She is blinding.

As I turn, the stars seem to jump and spin,

knocking my precarious balance.

The wind revels, streaming past.

There is an energy tonight

a dizzying twirl of something new afoot

as though I am on the cusp –

but of what?

Of All Hallows?

The Night of the Dead?

The New Year, ever turning?

Or something more imminent,

something of now

of this time, this year, this moon?

The chilling cold sparkles,

leaving crystals in the air,

the edges of everything are sharpened.

The sky pitches forward,

the stars shine brighter


in a sky they share with the Mother Moon.

And I feel I have entered a new dimension

out is within

in is without.

The stars that are always beyond,

that have been mapped and eulogized and philosophized throughout history,

remain magic,


And yet, it is as though they are here,


surrounding me.

I watch as one sparkles

nearby –

a firefly

a sprite.

And then, it disappears

reappearing again,

engulfed in deeper darkness,

it blinks:



It begins to float down



and I follow,

pulled on by its impossibility

and my need to know,

to understand the great mystery.

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