Golden Triangle Networking

Community, I am happy to have your attention today.

Since moving into the area three years ago, I have often wondered whether there is something I may be missing. Some connection or collection or opportunity for us to connect that I just don’t know about yet.

We lived in Lindenlea before we moved here and they had a fully functioning listserve for the community. It worked brilliantly, both to facilitate the sharing of information and planning events, but also in creating a sense of community.

When I needed a babysitter, I put the question to the listserve and had families offering up their teenagers that very day.

When I needed a plumber, I did the same thing.

More than the listserve, though, there was an interconnectedness that I find strangely lacking in our neighbourhood.

I know there are children here, and the houses are all residential, all near each other, but where are these children?

Or even the adults?

St. Luke’s Park is a great impromptu meeting and networking locale, and my son and I have both used it to some effect.

But, with the school just down the street, I know there must be other kids around, kids who don’t go to the park. I have seen them, mostly walking to school. So I know they’re out there somewhere.

I have a sneaking suspicion that they may be indoors after school, playing video games.

But perhaps that is too negative. Perhaps they are out at after school activities.

There are so many communities nearby that organize get-togethers, that have events in their local parks – Old Ottawa East, the Glebe, Old Ottawa South, the list goes on.

Why do we not do this kind of thing here?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who would like to establish and use a neighbourhood network.

So, if we wanted to create it, how would we coordinate and get in touch with each other? By posting signs at the Jack Purcell Community Centre? Creating a Facebook page?

I would love to work with a few other people, parents or otherwise, to try to create something like this, and to make use of all the wonderful spaces we have here in our area.

We could manage a listserve. We could use the local community centre for events, and the two parks as well. We could organize a geocaching party, as there are a few geocaches in the area. We could hold a fall BBQ in the park, a pre- or post- trick-or-treating event, a family basketball or soccer game, winter skating parties on the canal or at the local rink.

There are so many amenities right here, which is the beauty of this neighbourhood.

Let’s use them!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to connect, to meet each other, to have our kids run a bit freer together?

Who’s with me?

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