Storm on the Hill

Black as night
The clouds streak
Layered and inky
across the sky
Speeding up
Then slowing to swirl
Dark shadows fall
Across gothic towers
Perched atop an ancient cliff
The river churning far below
Ochre leaves whipped up
Birds tossed on currents
In the moments before the storm
Stone and leaded glass thrown
Into sharp relief
Monuments to history
Knocking passersby
Back in time
To an age of battle and exploration
The coats
Marching out of mist and memory
Ready to appear
And then the rain
Swift and heavy
Sheets of water 
Coating buildings and land
Darkness Pouring
Leaking from the clouds
Bleeding the sky to brightness

4 thoughts on “Storm on the Hill

  1. You certainly have a tremendous gift of weaving words into images and stories that are alive and breathing.

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