In the night
The lights are out
But light is always there
The shadows gather
They sense your fear
And conspire to make it true
They gather at the corners
Clambering so they may see you
They reach out
They push you down stairs
The swish of a long centipede
Winds across the floor
Then disappears down the drain
That hint of smoke curls
Around and around your head
And they pull the noose tight
Until in bed
you can hardly breathe
You toss and turn
But will you ever learn
That the tremors of your fears


4 thoughts on “Nightmare

    • Oh you are so kind! That’s a nice start to my day 🙂
      I actually wrote that in the middle of the night – I woke up and could just imagine the centipedes as I reached for my phone to check the time. It kind of went from there, so I wrote it on said phone, groggily, before I forgot it. I did edit it a bit during the day, though.

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