Daily Prompt: Pick a letter, any letter. Now, write a story, poem, or post in which every line starts with that letter.

Just as soon as she had appeared, she disappeared again.

Jangling her little metal tag in her wake, she rattled loudly along the fence, her heavy weight belying what should otherwise have been the characteristic soft padding steps of a cat. Jumping from fence to fence along the row of houses, she announced her location with a loud thud and the ensuing rattle of cedar boards.

Jenny is a large cat. Jet black, with a tuft of white under her shoulders. Jowled, slightly. Juvenile no more.

Jays and juncos and others scatter as they hear her coming, taking flight in alarm – lucky where other birds (270,000 million of them in Canada per year, it is estimated) are not. Jeopardizing the future of birds, and the animal kingdom as we know it, cats and their owners are now under pressure. Justly charged with the murder of millions of birds is the domestic cat. Jetsam, these birds, in the wake of the illustrious hunter…though not in Jenny’s wake, of course.

Jezebel she is not! Janiform she is not.

Judge though you might, her weight is their saving grace.

Jarfuls of cat food await her at home. Jailing her there to save the birds is not necessary, thankfully, and she loves to roam.

Jaunty and jolly, Jenny wanders, rolling in the grasses and flowers of the neighbourhood gardens.  Jonquils she loves. Jasmine is her favourite, though, its scent released on the air as she brushes against it, perfuming her silky, black fur.

Jade beads are sewed into her collar, and stand out beautifully against her deep blackness, adding to the exotic aura of her jasmine perfume. Jewelers and perfumeries could market this vision!

Joining her mistress, finally, at home, Jenny pads heavily across the living room and settles into her cushion. Jacquard, of course, is the fabric of choice for this soft, engulfing nest. Jungle green is its colour, and it sets off the richness of her coat beautifully.

Jazz plays softly on the stereo – Jenny’s favourite.

“Jarta,” murmurs the lady of the house, a term of endearment from her native Orkney.

Joy settles softly through the room, as cat and mistress relax in each other’s company.

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