sea blue
blue of night and blue of day
blue of twilight in-between
vibrant blue hues of an autumnal sky
inky blue adorns white forms
rich blues of Venetian glass
fluttering cloths dyed indigo blue
brushstrokes blue in countless shades
aquamarine blue of a warm, languid sea
slate blue of the cold depths churning
blue of the atmosphere,
the domed heavens high above,
clear, crystal sapphire blue
dark, veined lapis blue
butterfly blue, in iridescence
animals and plants and whales of blue
blue of sky and sea and air
blue coursing in royal veins
eyes, captivating, beautiful, blue
music’s blues,
sad and lyrical and rhythmic.

4 thoughts on “Blue

  1. This is great. I started thinking about all the blues you mentioned and the ones you didn’t mention. Blue has so many variants and hues. We could talk about blue for a long time. Very nice.

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