A Moment of Beauty and Light

This week’s prompt from Writing the Fire discusses depression and the idea that focusing on moments of beauty, which are the tiny points of light in life, can like a candle show one a way through the darkness. This was the prompt itself: write in 100 words or less about one of your candles. Write about something that you’ve found beautiful this week.

As I sit here at the end of my week, looking back over the past few days, I realize, somewhat surprisingly, that the flickering lights of beauty in this somewhat difficult week have come from children. Each and every bright moment that comes to mind emanates from an experience I have had with a child – my son, the children at the bus stop, my friend’s new baby boy.

This is interesting. When I was a child, as I have mentioned before, I wanted to be a mother. But then, in my early and mid-twenties, I thought perhaps I did not. I found children annoying. I thought they signalled the end of youth, harbingers of middle age and the end of one’s own life.

Even after, at the age of 30 when I had my own child – and though fell in love with him instantly – I still wasn’t particularly comfortable around other children.

But now, as I grow closer to middle age, I find more and more joy in children. I find this interesting, reassuring somehow.

And so, here are my 100 words describing one such beautiful moment from my week:

Yesterday, I visited my friend and her 3 week old son. He was sleeping when I arrived and she handed him to me gingerly. As he snuggled his tiny face against my shoulder, pursing his mouth and wiggling his little nose, I felt a whisper of new mother’s elation. He slept there for several hours, imparting a delicate serenity. As I was leaving, he awoke and we watched as his curious eyes focused intently on some pattern only he could appreciate, his little head bobbing in the effort to take it in. A lesson in being truly in the moment.



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