This is a love song,


I am high in the deep blue,

Flying over oceans,

Following a glistening brilliantine rugged coastline.

I spread my arms wide

And glide

Across forests that stretch north and vast

Older, wilder, darker than dreams.

Bright lights of cities


Here and there

Along an artery of tar and concrete.

I follow an old car,

A young couple roaring along gravel roads,

Red-orange trees afire in the sun,

They pass over train tracks

Heading back to the skyscrapers

And I veer away then

Towards the fields up north

Across lakes and rivers

That glint in the midday sun.

Beyond, the wise natural abandon returns once more.

Long tawny grasses sway below

The openness freeing my soul

To dance along in the breeze

Unencumbered and pure.

Mountains begin as hills,

Rising in the distance

From the long, golden floor of the prairies

Swooping up slowly,

Up to the sky,

Coated with a carpet of evergreens

High, high, higher the mountains grow

Until their snowy whiteness spears the clouds,

Mist rolling over their tops,

And I tumble down the other side,

Rolling along river rapids and out to

The next shining sea.

But before I am done,

I have one more place to go.

And up I soar again,


Following the stars

And the shimmering mirage of lights in the sky

A river, a shiver, a curtain of colour

Across the wild tundra below.

Stretching, reaching out, I touch the edge

Of a frozen sea

And come to rest in the snow.

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