My Fall Garden


Needing to be out and touching a hand to nature, I decided to spend the morning trimming back my front garden. I like to let it grow wild and to look natural and untamed, but every now and then it needs a bit of weeding and neatening. Especially before the frost.

Although we’ve had some cold weather, it is still growing and blossoming. The bees are still collecting pollen. I stopped to watch one, a particularly downy, pale coloured bee. It landed on a deep mustard-hued blossom and buzzed there, almost digging at the flower with its feet. It was interesting to watch.

The smells rising up from the garden after my work are sweet and peppery and herbal, intensified by the heat of the sun and borne away on a cold morning wind. Nasturtiums, roses, oregano, lavender, thyme – their smells combine into a beautifully evocative fragrance.

While I am definitely a city girl, I always feel better when I add a touch of nature to my day.

It’s lovely to sit here in the sun, to look up at the deep blue sky, to have the time to write and to capture this moment.


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