Lunar Exploration

A pale orb

Glowing in the lavender sky

Shadows distant

Mythical in their agelessness.

She can be

The lady silver light

But to look up close,

It is a wide globe of


Impossible to behold

Impossible to conceive,

So far and yet so near.

Up close

Every little hole

The radiating blasts

And raised craters

Are there to see

In brilliant, blinding clarity.

The rounded shadow

Traces along

The edge of my imagination

Unable to conceive

Of what may lie beyond

The dark side of this scene.

If I reach out,

Past the gaze

Of my squinting eye

It is only something my

Earth-bound brain can understand

That I expect to reach.

A photograph on the wall,

Not a distant orb at all,

Not a distant orb that pulls our tides,

That causes ebbs and flows

Across our own

Blue-green sphere.

What must the philosophers and scientists

Have thought

When first they took an intimate look

Into the sky?


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