I feel as though I have not been outside in days. Have I really just stayed cooped up in the house, writing and staring out into the outdoors for the past few days?

Now that I am out, I can’t stop breathing in the smells of the new season, drinking in the colours. They are breathtaking.

Crab apples hang heavy on the trees against a backdrop of impossible blue. Black-eyed Susans glow gold, their petals bursting open to the sky.

I wander aimlessly along the water contemplating the quiet shimmering dance of the light it reflects up onto the underside of a bridge. I pause to watch little minnows eating – they follow flies along below the surface of the water, their heads popping up at just the right moment to grab their tiny prey.

I have no place to be; today is my own. I thought I’d sit on some stairs to read but now that I’m out, I want to keep walking. And so I do, book tucked reassuringly under my arm.

I’m loving this book. I don’t want to finish it it’s so good, and yet I want to immerse myself in it too. I wish I could write something so captivating and engaging. Something that takes hold of my readers’ hearts and remains imprinted there for years to come, beside other favourite stories.

Perhaps one day I will.

I find a patch of emerald green and lie down in it, under a stately, ancient willow. The sun is warm, the breeze is cool and I stare into the deep, uninterrupted blue, becoming mezmerized, hypnotized.

I fall asleep and dream. Perfect peace.

3 thoughts on “Daydream

  1. What a lovely day! I’m absolutely immersed in the Outlander Series. I’m on the third book, dying to know what happens next but trying to read slowly, to savor it. I know I’ll be a little sad once it’s over. Gosh, to write books with that kind of pull and power. What are you reading?

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