To My Grandmother on her Birthday

A little girl in a white dress on a porch,
Dressing up the hens,
Laughing, what fun!
Then older, skipping into town with your sisters,
Finding a love to last your whole life,
He could see straight through to your beauty within,
Your children, doll-faced and beautiful,
Reflected in the faces of your grandchildren and their children.

Life rolls on, sweeping you up,
Strong and laughing,
Smart and quick,
Bringing with you songs and rhymes and poems.
Trees grow tall
Flowers blossom
As black and white photos
Focus into colour.

Sunny mornings, shining through your front window,
Waxy poplar leaves flutter in the breeze on the boulevard,
You both hated those poplars
But I have forever loved them,
Wherever I have roamed,
They are an ode to you,
to your home,
to the perfect place in my memory.

My grandmother, Great-Grandma to my son, turns 98 tomorrow, September 2. Happy Birthday from both of us xo


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