You whirl about,
zinging energy in your wake,
energy that reaches out,
grabs at my insides,
tries to pull me along in the tide,
the tide I fight.
I fight for my sanity,
for my calm,
for my stability,
but your whirling dervish of
now, now, now,
spins on,
spins along,
spins around me,
whipping me up.
“Stay there and I will spin around you.”
“Don’t move.”
And I do stay,
and I don’t move,
but I can feel my chest tightening as it starts to spin inside,
faster and faster until outside and inside spin at the same pace
while my shell stands still,
or falls down,
I’m not sure,
I’m bewildered by the sparks from inside and from out,
unable to respond clearly,
to stop and get off the ride,
to breathe,
to pull away from the spinning, dizzying energy.

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