What do I need to feel fulfilled?

I am sitting in my kitchen, facing out into the garden through the open window and door. I can hear the sounds of outdoors as though I was actually out there. The sun is falling in soft beams across my kitchen table.

Our garden, which has been under construction most of the summer, finally has lush green grass and beautiful plants, making it cool, making it finally feel alive for the first time in the four years we have owned this house.

My little piece of nature. That is definitely one thing I need to feel fulfilled.

My son is upstairs happily reading and I have the time to write, which I am doing accompanied by a large cup of coffee. Three more sources of fulfillment.

Once I am done writing for today, or for the time being, my son and I are going to go out and try our hand at geocaching for the first time. We have had some great outdoors adventures since he returned from camp last week – kayaking, mountain biking, and now geocaching. I so value having the time and freedom to roam and explore with my little adventurer.

As I consider all these things, I realize how lucky I am, how much happiness these aspects of my life bring me – and it is still morning and these are only the beginning!

I wish you a wonderful day too.



2 thoughts on “Fulfillment

  1. On Tuesday, our last day of freedom before school started, we went kayaking and geocaching, which found it’s way into my story as the SID handheld device. Check out the kayak pic in my new twitter feed at the bottom of my page.

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