Diversions from Writing

Another late evening. It is almost nine o’clock and I am finally sitting down to write. I did start writing a story earlier this morning, but with my son around and things to do before school, and after the famous return from camp, I find that I no longer have the mental space necessary for writing.

The ideas don’t come to me, and when they do, they are half-formed and not really complete enough to publish. They remain half-thoughts jotted down for later.

The story I began this morning shouldn’t be rushed, and the first chapter of what may or may not eventually become a novel is still not ready for an audience. Instead, I am exploring my current state of mind.

I am thrilled to have my son around and so I am neither frustrated nor annoyed with my inability to produce the way I have produced to date, and I am conscious that when he returns to school next week, I will return to writing.

I have offered advice to my fellow bloggers recently about not forcing one’s writing, not chastising yourself when it just doesn’t come to you, so I am trying to live by my advice and do the same.

Instead, I am thinking about the fun things my son and I can do before school starts. So far, we have been to one museum and have spent an afternoon at a neighbour’s surprise birthday party. Tomorrow, we plan to bike to a boat rental place and rent two kayaks for a few hours of splashing around. And Thursday, we may go mountain biking in the nearby hills.

Perhaps our adventures will be fodder for weeks of blogging to come, and perhaps a diversion now and then is just as important as writing.


One thought on “Diversions from Writing

  1. “Perhaps our adventures will be fodder for weeks of blogging to come, and perhaps a diversion now and then is just as important as writing.”

    I find I have two types of inspiration.. the things I have been thinking about in different forms for ages, and the “news”. I remember reading somewhere about the writer that would write down snippets of ideas to write about as they occurred to him. I guess you could call it the daily prompts generator before the internet. 🙂

    I carried around a little notebook and was writing down thousand of ideas and thought places for my studies.. although I have yet to use it. LOL.

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