Casting for An Urban Woman

A response to today’s Daily Prompt:

Synopsis: This is the life story of an urban woman. It takes place in the present, with a cast of characters from her current life and her past. It includes flash-backs to pivotal moments which have formed her into the person she is. Its purpose is to explore the life of an urban woman in today’s society, through vignettes and anecdotes.


An Urban Woman (LEAD, late 30s)
Son (approximately 8)
Husband (40s)
Mother (60s, and various ages during flash-backs)
Father (70s, and various ages during flash-backs)
Grandfather (2)
Grandmother (2)
Great Aunt
Cousins (7) and 1 spouse (male)
Uncles (3)
Aunts (3)
Friends (present time): Woman A, B, C, D, E; Man A, B
Irish Characters (past; Ireland): Irish Woman A, B, C, D; English Woman A, B; Irish Man A, B, C, D, E, F, G
Childhood Characters (past): Girl A, B, C, D, E, F; Boy A, B, C, D, E, F, G
Neighbours (60s)
Neighbours (flash-back, family of 3)

Character Information:

AN URBAN WOMAN (LEAD): A woman in her late thirties, though she looks to be about 10 years younger. Short, dark hair, cut close to her head, hazel eyes. Medium build, average height. Should be dressed in casual clothes, such as sporty dresses or jeans and t-shirts, accessorized by colourful scarves. Otherwise, little makeup and minimal jewelry (small diamond studs, a diamond wedding ring and a stainless steel Tag Heuer watch). Well-spoken.

Like many urban women, she struggles with balancing the pressures of work, family and her own interests.

Her eyes are intense, yet have a faraway look, giving her the appearance of being lost in thought but present at the same time. She is often balancing a number of thoughts in her head, including self-doubt and critical self-appraisal. For this reason, she doesn’t always look the speaker directly in the eyes, but looks off to the side giving the impression that she is listening and thinking about what they are saying.

She is slightly jumpy, whether in reacting to something moving in the corner of her vision or to the dialogue of other characters, and often assumes something bad is about to happen, or that those around her are judging her negatively. At times, she over-compensates for this by trying to do for others what she assumes they would like her to do. Overall, however, she is kind and thoughtful and genuinely happy when others are happy.

As a civil servant, her edginess, analysis and quick reaction time serve her well. She constantly surveys the situation, driven by fear of criticism and conflict, and is therefore able to react to problems quickly, minimizing their effects before others notice them. She appears confident and stoic in the face of multiple priorities and a demanding environment, and has built a solid reputation for reliability and a strong work ethic. Underneath this exterior, however, she has become tired and worn down by absorbing too many of the pressures of life and of those around her. She is in the process of coming to terms with the exhaustion caused by her approach to life

She is animated and energized by those to whom she feels an affinity, especially those with quick wit and a good sense of humour, and by her son.

She needs a lot of time to herself, to recharge and to contemplate where she has been and where she is going. Flash-backs occur during these moments alone. She spends much of this pensive time either in nature, or appreciating nature, and this brings her peace and helps to restore her creativity. As a child, she exhibited much creative expression, either through visual art or writing, and she is slowly returning to writing now.

This character should be played in a straightforward manner. Though her intensity and contemplative natures may seem to be at odds, she is above all honest and genuine and does not play games or have ulterior motives for any of her behaviour.

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