New York Reverie

I worked in New York City for 2 weeks in November 2011 and again in November 2012 – and exploring it was pure joy. As I realize that I will not be back this year, I have been thinking a lot about the city. Below is the essence of my wanderings.


I walk the star flecked streets of New York on a cool autumn evening. Cabs fly by, lights turned off, already on their way to somewhere else. Hungry but energized by the hum of the city, I turn and walk blocks and blocks to a small restaurant.

I am here again, and I love to be alone where I can hear my heart singing.

Running at dawn through the light-dappled leaves in the Park I feel I belong, as much as anyone does, as though I’ve never lived anywhere else.

During the day, I walk the sun-clad streets of many different neighbourhoods, enjoying the changing buildings and streetscapes. A sketch of the city’s history.

I begin one Saturday early on the Brooklyn Bridge, the haze of the day already set upon the water and sky, Liberty floating timelessly, the flash of the Chrysler Building a distant sparkle within the uneven peaks of the layered skyline.

I walk up through Soho, criss-crossing into Greenwich, Bleeker, Seventh, along the Highline and down the cobbled alleys, through Washington Square, past brick terraces, corner cafes and tree-lined roads, smiling a big grinning smile just to be here.

The evenings I spend picking my way through restaurant options to find the right one for that night, then head out once more into the engulfing rush of speeding lights, the sounds of instruments and voices.

As I emerge much later onto Washington Place, sated and warm, a light snow falls, the first of the year, and I can almost hear the sounds of horse and cart coming down the street through time.


4 thoughts on “New York Reverie

  1. Best yet: captured my whole feeling of the one of the most wonderful cities in the world!!

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