Once Upon An Uneventful Walk in the Woods

I came across a great idea via here today and, though I didn’t actually follow the Trifecta instructions, it did inspire me to write the below.

Once upon a time, Hansel and Gretel went for a walk in the woods.

Along the way, they met a little chicken. They noticed an acorn that was about to fall on the poor fowl’s head and grabbed it, saving her from a sore head just in time. She waddled off happily to find her friends.

Next they passed a little girl who wore a dark green hooded riding cloak and carried a basket of food. A wolf crouched behind a forest tree and Hansel and Gretel feared for their safety, and for that of the little girl. But the wolf didn’t seem to notice any of them, and slunk away in the opposite direction, looking thin and miserable. The little girl waved and said she was on her way to her grandmother’s cottage for a visit.

Just as the children were about to turn back towards their home, another little girl crossed their path. This girl was quite young and had a sunny face and very curly golden hair.

“Are you lost?” The children asked her.

She nodded, adding, “and I’m a bit hungry and sleepy too.”

The children had been raised to be polite and helpful. They offered her some of the bread they had brought with them, took her hand and went off through the forest in a different direction, to help her find her way home.

Across a clearing, they spied a funny little house. It seemed to be decorated with bits of broccoli, asparagus and carrots. Wrinkling their noses and shrugging in puzzlement, they continued on, not noticing the old, crook-nosed woman peering at them miserably from between two beet tops, wishing she had decorated her house with candies rather than vegetables.

Within a few minutes, they had arrived at the nice little house in which their young companion lived. Having delivered her into her parents’ waiting arms, they continued on home to their father. When he saw them, he greeted them with a wave and asked them if they had seen their step-mother, who he said had gone into the forest to look for them.

They didnt particularly like their step-mother and were perfectly happy that she never returned from the forest.

They wondered if in her travels she had found the funny little vegetable house. After all, they reasoned, vegetarians got hungry too and surely she would be more attracted to a house decorated with vegetables than they would be.


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