Under a Midsummer Moon

The full moon hangs high in the sky, broad, clear and silver. A girl, about 20, slips out into the night, into a shimmering garden. It is mid-summer.

The garden already forms a circle around her, a wide, round green lawn, bordered by hydrangeas, lilies, lilacs, cowslips, foxgloves – all manner of blossoms and leaves.

She breathes deeply and sets down her instruments in their proper places:

A pale yellow feathered quill, cradled in a silver inkwell the shape of a woman’s face, and a stick of incense. These represent the element of air – the spring, the dawn, the east.

A red candle in a silver candlestick holder is for her fire – summer, noon, south.

A midnight-blue moon-adorned cup filled with water signifies for her water, autumn, evening, west.

A small plant, leafy, its earth adorned with small pebbles, is her earth, her winter, her midnight, her north.

A pale clay oil burner sits in the centre, a small votive candle below heating the essential oil–tinged water above.

She whispers, breathless, sweeping a circle around herself and her instruments in a swirl of white cotton. She is inside, and the world beyond the garden fades away.

She feels the energy of the full moon as it casts its beams upon her and she absorbs this, radiates beneath it. Placing her hands on the dewy ground, she breathes in, absorbing the steady power of the earth up, up through her body to the top of her head. As she exhales, she presses the overflowing chatter of her day, the world outside this moment, down through her hands and back into the earth. It is another circle, a circle within a circle, within a circle, underneath the watchful globe of the moon.

After a time, she removes her hands from the earth, opens her eyes and dismantles the circle. Pausing, she looks up just in time to see a tiny pure white winged creature flit through a moonbeam, disappearing into the darkness on the other side.

The magic of a full-mooned night.


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4 thoughts on “Under a Midsummer Moon

  1. Superb! And a wonderful evocation of Moon ritual. I love the objects and associations for each of the Quarters. In the true sense, magical! Ali xxx

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